• In-depth look into Oracle API Catalog (OAC) 12c

    APICoverby Robert van Mölken published inSOA Magazine IV

    With the release of Oracle Enterprise Repository 12c another product was released. Oracle API Catalog 12c (OAC) allows you to build a catalog of your organization APIs. OAC provides a layer of visibility to those APIs so application development knows what and which one to use.  OAC includes a simple metamodel for an API asset, automation to populate OAC, and the ability for users to search OAC for APIs and understand the details of the APIs to assess their fit in the user’s application.


    I’m not going to bore you with the details about the installation by giving a installation guide. It took me about 40 minutes from scratch (excluding downlOERoad time). The steps are describes in the installation guide Oracle provides. OAC is part of the OER 12c installation jar, but can be licensed and installed, as an own managed domain, without licensing and installing OER.

  • Introducing the Integration Cloud Service

    ics18by Robert van Mölken published inSOA Magazine V

    Oracle released some more Cloud offerings and in this article we introduce the Integration Cloud Service. This cloud service lets your organization create integrations between cloud applications, but also between cloud and on premise applications. Create connections to well-known and less known SaaS applications using a bunch of cloud adapters, publish or subscribe to the Messaging Cloud Service, or use industry standards like SOAP & REST. The available set of cloud adapters will certainly grow in the future when the marketplace is fully up-and-running.

    Why should organizations consider the Cloud?
    Let's get started with the key benefits and features before diving into them more detailed. Why should organizations consider the Cloud?

  • Robert van Mölken

    RobertMoelkenRobert is a experienced Fusion Middleware / SOA developer for nearly 7 years. He focuses in particular on building service-oriented business processes. He is mostly very good in IT technologies like Java / JEE, Oracle and SOA. Where his specialty is with BPEL, SCA, SOAP, XPath, XML, OEP, Java, JAX-WS, Advanced Queueing, and PL / SQL.


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  • SOA Suite 12c Summery

    robert1by Robert van Mölken published inSOA Magazine III

    Oracle released SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) bringing a further integration between components and a bunch of new features. Most of them are quite spectacular, but at the same time all are useful. A release to persuade potential buyers and a lot more to please users of the product.

    This blog will go through the most important new features in summary and will reference the blogs that will go through the new features per technology. This blog will list the most game changing feature(s) per technology/tooling; Jdeveloper, SOA Suite (SCA Composites), Service Bus (SB), Enterprise Manager, OEP, Managed File Transfer (MFT), etc.

    Disclamer: Screenshots are made in Beta version of SOA Suite 12c, so may differ in final version!

    Developer Productivity & Integration

    Developer installer with integrated server

    To kick-start developing with 12c, ’30 minutes to Hello World’, Oracle created a single download for JDeveloper and Database, Weblogic and  SOA Suite. It’s one single package which include JDeveloper, a integrated Weblogic service with SOA Suite (including Service Bus), JavaDB (for it’s Database) and the Enterprise Manager.

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